Unusual Pizza Toppings To Try Out

Pizza is a very popular food with Italian roots; apart from the crispy bread crust, what people love most about pizza are its unique toppings. Every country has its own unique way of preparation and adding extra toppings to the food. These toppings can be made from a plethora food items, starting from vegetarian options like corns, asparagus, broccoli, and even various fruits to non-vegetarian options like chicken, pork, lamb and even beef. 

Pizzas are most commonly ordered at restaurants, but making pizza at home is much healthier and fun experience as you can create some of the most uncommon and unique toppings with your own innovation. The most important part to keep in mind during the preparation of pizza is the baking. If it is not baked properly at the correct temperature then you will not get the desired taste. But now pizza stones are also available that will help you to bake a perfect pizza without worrying about the temperature. 

The best part about Pizzas is that you can do a lot of experiments on it. Apart from the traditional toppings like pepperoni and oregano, you can also try unusual toppings that you might find yummy. Try out an unconventional pizza topping might really surprise you.

  • Bacon Sausage Pizza: For bacon lovers this pizza would be the perfect choice. Using bacon and sausage as toppings this pizza would certainly be liked by pork lovers.

  • Asparagus and Sun-Dried Tomatoes for toppings: Grilled Pizzas topped with lightly charred veggies and creamy ricotta can be very a tasty combination. Dried tomatoes on top of that would certainly complement the Pizza.

  • Grilled corn Pizzas: Smoky and sweet, grilled corn is an unusual addition to a Pizza. You will surely find the combination very fascinating and tasty.

  • Spanish Tapas Pizza: Sizzling Pizza topped with onions, manchego and tapas inspired flavours is very tasty and unique recipe.

  • Flavoured Oils: You can also put a drizzle of pumpkin seed oil or chilli oil which adds a unique flavour and keeps the pie extra moist.

  • Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza: If you are chicken lover then you should try chicken tikka as toppings which will make the dish more exotic and tasty.

  • Raspberry Pizza: If you are a fan of desserts then raspberry topping with custard is a delicious choice.

  • Grilled Shrimp Pizza: You can also use grilled shrimps as toppings to make the pizza more spicy and delicious.

Using a pizza stone you will get a superior quality, thin crust pizza baked with a nice smoky flavour and the base will also be crispy. These pizza stones are also known as baking stones and available in many stores selling kitchen appliances. You can use these stones for barbequing in an oven or on open flame, and they are made of non-toxic materials, thus health hazards are at bay. These stones can handle high temperatures of up to 2300 degree which is comparatively higher than any other normal baking stones. Available in different sizes and shape, these pizza stones is a must buy kitchen tool for you if pizza if a favourite dish of your family. You can visit www.CaliforniaPizzaStones.com to get some of the best quality pizza stones.

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