London Indian Restaurants That Redefine Quintessential Indian Cuisine

The key to a good restaurant is one that always reinvents itself. You can’t remain stagnant, especially in the food industry. Anybody can take a traditional menu and cook up a storm, but only the best restaurants can put their own unique spin on things. The best Indian restaurants in London are those that take classical quintessential dishes and give them a contemporary edge. This is both in terms of presentation and taste. This is an art and only a handful of restaurants have managed to achieve this. Read on to discover the best Indian restaurants in London for redefining classic Indian cuisine.


There is a lot to love about the Veeraswamy. It is heaped in character and tradition and this derives from the fact that the restaurant has been standing since 1926. This makes it the oldest Indian restaurant in the whole of the UK. Nonetheless, the owners of the Veeraswamy don’t just rely on this to draw in the customers. They have definitely moved forward with the times by redefining classic Indian dishes and giving them a unique twist.

A prime example of this is Raj Kachori. This is one of the Veeraswamy’s signature dishes. It takes traditional street food and turns it into a dish that is fit for a king. The humble and classic qualities remain there so that the dish does not lose its identity. Yet colour, more flavours, and an exciting presentation have modernised the meal dramatically. 

Aside from this, other popular dishes include; Scallop Moilee (king scallops in an aromatic ginger sauce), Awadhi Dum Ki Machchli (this dish is straight from the kitchens of the Nawab of Oudh and is a whole seabass grilled and marinated with mint and royal cumin), and Lobster Malabar Curry (with fresh turmeric, coconut and green mango).

Chutney Mary

The other best Indian restaurant in London has to be the Chutney Mary. This restaurant offers a contemporary dining experience and there is no better place to go if you want to experience a redefined take on Indian cuisine. The great thing about the Chutney Mary is the fact that it keeps the authenticity and honesty of Indian dishes form an array of regions yet gives them a fine dining and modern edge.

Similarly to Veeraswamy the Chutney Mary offers a contemporary take on traditional Indian street food. If you want to experience this then you should order the Tokri Chaat. This is a straw potato basket that is filled with street food favourites, strained yoghurt and chutneys.

 Other popular dishes include Scallops (pan seared Atlantic scallops in pistachio sauce and yellow tomato relish), Goa Green Chicken Curry (a hot and spicy curry with green chilli, coconut, fresh green herbs and tamarind) and Kerala Pepper Duck Roast (Gressingham duck breast served pink, with cinnamon, coconut, black pepper sauce and sweet potato crumble).

If you want to experience one of the best Indian restaurants in London then you need to take a trip to the Veeraswamy or the Chutney Mary. Both restaurants soar above the rest because they take quintessential Indian cuisine and put a contemporary spin on it.

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