All-You-Can-Eat Destinations in Sydney You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Food crawls and hole-in-the-wall food trips are becoming increasingly popular these days. It seems we all love sharing our love for food as much as we love eating them. But there is another trend that we all seem to do every chance we get: eating at buffets.

Oh, all-you-can-eat spreads are the most heavenly thing for foodie’s. In fact, we do not just nonchalantly visit a buffet restaurant, we plan and prepare for it. It is like going into battle; but instead of warriors, we are up against steaks, lobsters, and whole lot of salads and breads. And you know the perfect place for buffets? Sydney, Australia.

It makes sense, it is already rife with a lot of must-visit food destinations. Other than Star City Buffet, there are a lot of buffet restaurants to choose from in Sydney. This list has listed quite a few.


If you are a meat lover, then you will love Churrasco at Coogee, Sydney. They have all the meat you can eat and prepared in all the ways you want it to. Want it barbequed? Get skewers of it! Marinated or grilled, charred or chopped! Choose beef, pork, lamb, and chicken with a few good helpings of their sides. This is a great place for you and your fellow carnivores to hang out and gorge on the best cuts in Sydney.


Well, there is another kind of protein we love to get our hands on and the is fish, a whole lot of it! Feast just knows how to prepare a spread of seafood dishes, all fresh and ready for our rumbling stomachs. This is not just your typical seafood buffet; there are oysters, lobster, crab, fillet, sushi, and more. But do not worry about missing out on other kinds of food, they do prepare other dishes like pork roast, a salad bar, and a very delectable dessert spread.


Grandma’s at Alexandria turns healthy food into gourmet dishes. These are home-style dishes that make you feel like your own grandma is preparing an old timey dish that everyone truly loves. Other than your usual meats, salads, and desserts, one of the most irresistible selections at Grandma’s are the pastries and the warm bakes. Make sure to visit on a Friday or Saturday for a very hearty lunch buffet.

Star City Buffet

The Star is home to the Harvest Buffet: it is a feast that will test the limits of your stomach. There are five food stations, all serving sumptuous international cuisine. You can enjoy classic roasts, dimsum, and even stone-fired pizza. To top it all off, their dessert station has three amazing large chocolate fountains, a self-serve soft ice cream machine, cakes, pastries, and various toppings like fruits. Every weekend, there is a seafood spread that features prawns, crabs, sushi, oysters, mussels, and more!

When you visit these all-you-can-eat destinations, remember to wear an ever expanding eating pants because you are definitely going to need it. Sydney is the best place to do that food crawl you have been always planning, why not start with a buffet feast? Happy eating!

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